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Scientific Data Shows That Seight Cycling Shorts' Padding Can Improve Performance

Posted on 12th Jan 2015


Our supplier Elastic Interface produces cycling shorts padding that has been perfected using scientific research. These pads focus on giving good support between the bike saddle and the cyclist's body, with enhanced contact with vital pressure points.

According to experts there is a strong link between saddle position and pressure points. It is commonly known that the sitting postion puts pressure on the gluteal, ischial and perenial areas, but other important factors are saddle position, bicycle type and gender. Data from labs show that even minor changes to saddle position bring about immense improvement in performance such as improved symmetry in the downstroke, improved cycling output, and reduced oxygen consumption at a constant wattage.

Kinematic analysis also revealed, that an adequate cycling pad which provides sufficient support to areas that are anatomically more susceptible to pressure and friction, encourages a stable posture on the saddle and enables improved performance. The advantages of a high performance saddle is lost unless there is adequate support between the saddle and body, which is able to reduce the pressure on sensitive perineal areas that are susceptible to mechanical injury.

At Seight Custom Cycling Wear our focus is on your success as a cyclist. All our products are put together using the best components.


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