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Our supplier Elastic Interface produces cycling shorts padding that has been perfected using scientific research. These pads focus on giving good support between the bike saddle and the cyclist's body, with enhanced contact with vital pressure points. According to experts there is a strong link between saddle position and pressure points. It is commonly known that the sitting postion puts pressure on the gluteal, ischial and perenial areas, but other important factors are saddle position... Read More
In this video slideshow you can see a collection of jersey deigns created by the talented team of designers at Seight Custom Cycling Wear. All jerseys we produce are of the highest quality. They have a streamlined design which hugs your body comfortably without causing restrictions, which may lead to fatigue during a long ride. Our fabrics are specially imported from Italy and USA and are of a class of their own. They are extremely breathable, and are excellent at wicking moisture from t... Read More
At Seight Custom Cycling Wear, cycling is our passion, and since we are cyclists ourselves, we manufacture clothing that we love to wear while cycling. Every garment that we produce goes through quality checks at every step of the production process. In this short video, you can get a summarised view of our production process. We can produce custom cycling wear for any team. Our central focus has always been the comfort of the cyclist, and once you have ridden in Seight Custom Cycling We... Read More
In this promotional video from our chamois supplier Elastic Interface, we are taken through the full production process, from the designing of it to the output of the final product. It is amazing how much detail is inbuilt. Every aspect is studied and run through quality checks, at every step of the process. It is no wonder that Elastic Interface are an undisputed world leader in their field. At Seight Custom Cycling Wear, we take pride in providing the best possible product to our client... Read More
The year 2014 is coming to a close, and Seight Custom Cycling Wear are on the lookout for recipients for their sponsorship and community support packages in 2015. Seight is looking to give back to the cycling community, and invitations to apply are sought from both cycling teams and groups right across the country and internationally. This coming year marks the 3rd consecutive year in which Seight Custom Cycling Wear is providing community support and sponsorship. Groups and teams have appli... Read More
In this video a representative of our supplier Elastic Interface explains the benefits of using their product bacteriostatic chamois over anti-bacterial chamois. Bacteriostatic Chamois will stop the growth or reproduction of pathogenic bacteria without altering the probiotic flora on your skin, which is the colony of bacteria normally present on the skin that fight against pathogenic bacteria preventing them from taking root and causing disease. Whereas Antibacterial substances are powerf... Read More
Below is a copy of our recently published Press Release concerning our intended Sponsorship of Cycling Teams across Australia. SPONSORSHIP AND SUPPORT AVAILABLE FOR CYCLING TEAM With a great year of cycling sponsorship coming to an end, Seight Custom Cycling Wear are looking to extend their community support and sponsorship packages into 2014. As with the success of this year’s packages, both cycling teams and groups are invited to get in touch with the team at Seight who are lookin... Read More
The 2013 UCI MTB World Championships were held in South Africa last month, with Australia's Paul Van Der Ploeg winning the Elite Men's Eliminator World Title. The 23 year old rider, commonly known in Australia as a road cyclist for the Satalyst Giant team, unleashed his signature move 'suicide inside' to storm into the lead, before holding on in the remainder of the race and take home the World Title. Thousands of spectators had travelled for the event held at Cascades Park, and saw Van Der ... Read More
Luke Fetch has delivered the Seight Test Team The Biomechanics their maiden stage win in a National Level Race. The Victorian held off fast finishing riders Ben Grenda (Polygon) and George Tansley (Euride Racing) to win the 6th Stage of the Tour of the Great South Coast, a 7 kilometre road race from Port Fairy to Woolsthorpe. As well as providing Seight with their first stage victory, the race win was also the first for Luke Fetch in his domestic road racing career. Riding in his first NRS R... Read More
Holden Cycling Team's Sam de Riter has gained selection for the Australian National team in their upcoming European race schedule. de Riter is due to race in the four-day Lotto Belisol Belgium Tour, otherwise known as the Lotto Cycling Cup, which is part of the UCI (International Cycling Union) Tour. Cycling Australia has often been giving opportunities to new riders this year to see how they perform on the international stage. They had put the word out and de Riter, 24, from Berwick in Vict... Read More


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