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MyTeamShop Features and Benefits

MyTeamShop has been created to address the difficulties faced by team co-ordinators when handling cycling clothing orders for their teams and clubs. The issues of group orders with chasing payments and size measurements from individuals have finally been solved, as each rider can now login to the Seight MyTeamShop and place their orders separately.

Simply click on your cycling team or club logo under the MyTeamShop category, enter the password provided to you by your team co-ordinator, you will receive access to the full product range designed and created for your team. When ordering the custom kit items of your choice, please take note of the listed order closing date.


  • Seight Custom Cycling Wear hosts your Team Store on our servers
  • Transactions are safe and secure through a secure bank payment gateway
  • Store is open 24 hours a day for shopping and payments
  • Multiple size options available for each item in your Team Store
  • Real life view custom images are created for your team’s Store items
  • Ability to ship to individuals directly, or a bulk shipment to the team manager
  • Variety of shipping options available, including order tracking


  • Extremely easy to set-up and manage your Team Store
  • We handle all the orders from your team members
  • No more chasing down money, as we handle all order payments
  • Zero financial risk, with no more unpaid or unclaimed items
  • Forget sorting and distributing hassles, as we take care of shipping


  • Ability to place your order at your leisure, with 24/7 shopping
  • Multiple payment options available, so no more cash hassles
  • No pickup worries, as you receive your order at your home or business
  • Make sure your clothing fits, through the use of our sizing charts

If having your own MyTeamShop sounds like it would save you a great deal of time, effort and money when it comes to ordering cycling team wear, then check out the Starting your own MyTeamShop article to find out just how simple and cost effective it really can be, or feel free to get in Contact with Us if you have any specific questions relating to MyTeamShop.


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