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Event Fundraising Rides For Charities

We are committed to designing and providing the best quality event clothing that people will want to continue wearing. We also want to give money to the Health and Welfare sectors.

Our event clothing discounts start from 50 jerseys and become even better with orders over 100, 500 and then 1000.

We stand out from the rest because:-

1. We will donate an agreed percentage of our profits to the charity that you are raising funds for.
2. Your corporate companies can get “their event” clothing through MyTeamShop. Companies can have their own corporate custom designed clothing combined with the logos of your event sponsor and the name of your event. This way everyone wins with promotion. Also funds raised will increase because of our donation to your charity.


Seight Sports

787 Anzac Pde.
Maroubra NSW 2035

0499 033 740