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Seight work from the Pantone system. If you have artwork with Pantone Colours please  provide these. Or you can use the Seight Custom Cycling Wear Fabric Colour Swatches (we can send it out) to determine the colours you desire and then indicate those numbers in to us. When creating your own artwork, make sure that you are using our current template. Pantone colours may be closely replicated; however, with sublimation printing some colours are impossible to exactly reproduce. We only match Pantone Solid Coated colours. Please note that those numbers should be coded as PMS XXX.

Logos & Images

Logos should be submitted in vector format (Illustrator .ai or Freehand .eps). Non-vector images placed in Illustrator and then saved as an .ai or .eps file are NOT vector files and will be treated as raster images. Include font files or convert all text to outlines. Raster images must be 250 dpi at actual size (roughly 7000 pixels wide on the chest) in CMYK mode. This MUST be the original size. Images scaled or resolution changed in Photoshop or an equivalent program is unacceptable.

A colour print of the raster image needs to be sent to the SEIGHT CUSTOM CYCLING WEAR Graphics Department if the colour of the image is crucial. Exact reproductions of colour are not guaranteed. .jpeg files will print the most accurate colour. All raster logos/images (.tif, .gif, .jpeg, .psd) will print with a white box surrounding them. Only isolated images that are sent in .psd, .ai or .eps format will appear without a white box surrounding them.

All logos must be supplied by the sponsored team with permission from the sponsoring company. SEIGHT CUSTOM CYCLING WEAR will provide or reproduce logos only with written permission by the sponsoring company. Extra art time applies to reproducing logos. When reproducing logos, Seight Custom Cycling Wear will do our best to stay within the standard turnaround time; however, the turnaround time may be affected based on the complexity of the logo.


Tips to Consider When Designing Your Garments

Black on printable Lycra products (i.e. shorts/bibs/skinsuits) will appear as a dusty black when worn. It is suggested to avoid printed black directly next to black non-printed base Lycra.

Fully Printable Inner Base Lycra Panels. Solid colours printed on these panels will be transparent.

Panels are best printed with a repeated pattern to reduce transparency.

An all-white or light colour rear panels on shorts/bibs will be more transparent than darker colour filled panels.

Gradients and fades used with Red colours will take on a pink hue as the colour lightens.

Very steep gradients between light and dark colours may drop off and appear as an obvious line separating the colours. Full black on shoulders of garments can be very hot in certain climates.

Small graphics or small text crossing the top or bottom of back pocket onto the garment back requires lining up when the garment is sewn. It is better to slightly raise or lower the graphic so that it does not intersect at the pocket avoiding possible misalignment when sewn.

Seight Custom Cycling Wear Logo Requirements

We  require our logo on to be on all items twice, one front, one back. Except for warmers where only one logo is required


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