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community-sponsorship program


Seight Sponsorship Program

Seight Custom Cycling Wear is bringing clothing sponsorship to all levels, supporting athletes and events, predominately in the cycling and triathlon fields. We love helping athletes of all abilities reach their full athletic potential.

Seight Custom Cycling Wear have committed to a program, allowing athletes, cyclists and triathletes of all levels access to high quality clothing.

Benefits of being a Seight Custom Cycling Wear athlete:
- Access to super cheap gear when starting up
- Access to reduced clothing year round
- Incentive based scheme to "purchase" more gear"
- Be seen wearing the most comfortable cycling clothing

How To Become A Team Seight Athlete

Step 1
- Email info@seightcustom.com.au for an application form to become a Team Seight registered athlete. Or alternatively email us, giving us some information on yourself and why you would look good in the Seight Custom Cycling Wear kit.

Step 2 -  On approval of your sponsorship, you have two options you can purchase an elite set of Seight Custom Cycling Wear Jersey and bib knicks for $100, or buy two sets for $150.

Step 3 - Check out how you can claim points.

Step 4 - If you believe you are eligible for points or want to claim an item contact us and we will add your points to our spreadsheet and do the math. 

The Seight Custom Cycling Wear incentive scheme rewards riders with "points" for every time Seight Custom Cycling Wear are mentioned in any news article due to the rider wearing our team kit. Below is a table of what will earn you points. Each points is worth $1 towards a new item of your choice.

- Mentioned in a race report (rider and team name) 5 Points
- Photo wearing team kit in a race report 5 Points
- Placing in any race 5 Points
- Other news article 5 Points       

Want an item now, but dont have enough points? Contact us at info@seightcustom.com.au and you can pay the price difference. It will be suprisingly pretty cheap!


Seight Sports

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